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Small Business Loans

About Burlington Small Business Loans

Our company has been serving the Burlington community and surrounding region for many years. You will soon discover all about Burlington Small Business Loans and our commitment to excellence in customer service as we provide high quality business capital and loan funding services.

We have cracked the code on how to efficiently and effectively get business capital to business owners eager to grow their business.  Whether you need Up To $25K Today or More Than $25K we can get it to you fast and without any stress. Business Owners are hard working individuals who take pride in building their business in the Burlington community.  That is something they all share in common. 

However we recognize each business owner has their own unique set of circumstances creating a need for our funding.  So our process involves listening to your particular circumstances and unique business needs in order to create for you the best funding option available at the best cost. The unique payment plans we offer relieves you from the unnecessary stress of any unexpected obligations.

You will find our quality care team in customer support very helpful in answering any of your questions and will make sure you’re in the loop throughout the quick application and funding process. Our goal is to get you the micro funding and/or business working capital you need and do it quickly so you can put it to good use in growing your business.  This is one way we support the local businesses and the communities they serve. Learn more about us here.

Burlington Small Business Loans is a team of Independent Agents of David Allen Capital and Bank Breezy and this website should not be considered the official David Allen Capital corporate website nor the Bank Breezy corporate website.  We are not “loan brokers” or “loan agents”. 

As an Independent Agent of DAC and Bank Breezy, we promote DAC and Bank Breezy products and services referring potential clients to explore DAC and Bank Breezy Alternative Funding and Revenue Based Capital from our multiple lending partners.  

When clicking on a “Get Started” or “Get Quote” or “See How Much You Qualify For Now” button links you will be leaving the Burlington Small Business Loans website and redirected to the davidallencapital.com website and or bankbreezy.com website to fill in the quote form. This will automatically open in a new browser tab. 

All of the quote forms must only be filled out by the business owner requesting service and it will be submitted directly to David Allen Capital or Bank Breezy and/or their lending partners who will follow up with you right away. 


Why Choose Us

We are the leading go to provider of business capital to local small business owners.  Our experts operate with high integrity by doing all we can to help business owners like yourself get the funding you need to make your business not only survive during hard times but expand, grow and thrive.

Leading Funding Provider

Whether you need $2,500 or $2million, we make quick decisions on approval, ask for no collateral, and are more affordable than a typical merchant cash advance.

Professional Process

Our Team of Experts will walk with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best offer available and funded quickly.

Hassle Free, No Obligation Quotes

It costs you zero to get a great offer from one of our top providers. You decide if you want to accept or not, no pressure.

Our Clients Love Us

Clients keep coming back to us because of our transparent terms, unique payment plans, early payoff discount savings, and other repeat customer benefits.


We are seriously dedicated to serving Local Business Owners! Our Up To $25K Today Funding Option is helping thousands of Business Owners meet their immediate needs. The Business Capital Funding Services help businesses fuel their growth while lowering costs. Take 45 seconds to get a quote and find out how much you qualify for today.


Our Mission

Our mission is to always provide first class funding services in Burlington and exceed our customers expectations.  You will find that we will work hard to get you not only the best funding offer available for your needs but to get you the funds quickly so you can put them to use to grow your business.

Contact Us

The VERY BEST & FASTEST Way to reach us to have a live conversation is to fill out the short quote form Want $25K Today  Then a Specialist on our Team of Experts will quickly contact you.

Phone: (480) 331-1755

Hours: Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM EST

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