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The Challenge of Getting Funding

Burlington Small Business Loans will help fuel the growth of business owners who have businesses that are located in the United States.  We like to get you the business capital that can be necessary to the survival of your business and help get your business to thrive. When you want to Get More Than $25K try one of our Burlington Business Capital Funding Options today.

The Small Business Administration states that two-thirds of small businesses will fail within their first 10 years in business.  When asked why, the business owners of over 82% of those failed businesses cited lack of working capital as the reason they did not survive. 

Most businesses turn to their local bank when they need business capital but many times they get turned down due to low credit, not having enough collateral or they just need funds faster than their bank can provide them.  If you can get a loan from a bank you should because you will get better rates but where do you go if you are turned down…your 401K?…your peers…your relatives? 

When the big banks say no, we like to say yes! One of our Burlington Business Capital Funding Options may be just the right answer for you.


Why We Are Better

When the bank is not an option, and you need a small business loan or working capital quickly, try one of the Burlington Business Capital Funding Options offered by Burlington Small Business Loans. Just like so many other Business Owners you will be glad you did.

Providing business capital faster than most banks and with less demanding requirements is something that sets us apart. We are partnered with 100 top tier transparent lenders because multiple lenders equal a one stop best offer for you.  

Our application process is a transparent one-page form that gets you a instant decision on the best offers and usually funded within 24-48 hours.  We value your cash flow over your credit score, that’s revenue based capital. 

Typically our business capital fundings are up to 50% less expensive than a traditional business cash advance. Let us partner with you to fund your expansion, new equipment needs, or just be there to help you when you find yourself in a tight pinch.


Need More Than $25,000?
See How Much You Qualify For

We have only a few minimum requirements that help us find you the best offer.  You only need to have been in business for four months with the business located within the United States and have a business checking account.  Show at least $10,000 in monthly revenue sales in EACH of the last three months.  We gladly work with business owners who have a 500+ credit score.  

If you meet these simple criteria you should apply for our Burlington Business Capital Funding Options and see how much you qualify for by APPLYING HERE. It is a quick quote form and one page application. Our team of experts review it and will contact you to talk about your specific business needs and concerns.  Be sure to ask them any specific questions. 

Once you return a few simple documents, our team contacts multiple lenders on your behalf to get you the best offer available.  We bring the offer(s) and terms to you to review and decide if you want to accept them or not. 

Once accepted, you just sign the PDF documents online, then the funds are usually wired to you within 24-48 hours.  We have really streamlined the process to make it quick, efficient and fast for everyone.


What Are The Costs

Our pricing on our Burlington Business Capital Funding Options is simple and very transparent.  We don’t speak in terms of rates because we found they are too confusing for most people to understand how the rate quoted translates into the APR.  What people really want to know is how much is it going to cost me to get this money.  That’s exactly how we address it with our clients.  

Upfront you will be shown the tota “loan” advance plus the total cost. Most banks show you the rate but rarely the total cost of the capital.  We will show you how much you will receive and what the total payment will be.  You then decide if the benefits  outweigh the cost.  Additional information and examples can be found HERE.

You Can Depend On Burlington Small Business Loans Professionals

Our small business loans professionals are skilled experts. They will work hard to bring you a high quality experience and a solution to get you the funding you need.


We are seriously dedicated to serving Local Business Owners! Our Up To $25K Today Funding Option is helping many Business Owners meet their immediate needs. The Business Capital Funding Services help businesses fuel their growth while lowering costs. Take 90 seconds to get a quote and find out how much you qualify for today.


Our Mission

Our mission is to always provide first class working capital services in Burlington and exceed our customers expectations.  You will find that we will work hard to get you not only the best funding offer available for your needs but to get you the funds quickly so you can put them to use to grow your business.

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