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The Micro Funding Solution

Micro Funding is one of the top Burlington small business funding solutions for Business Owners today. It’s great for when you need smaller amounts of money to fund your business project needs.

Whether you need immediate funds for more equipment or supplies or to use for an upcoming ad campaign, Burlington Small Business Funding Solutions has you covered.  You may need some funding to take advantage of an opportunity that you know will grow your business.

You know if you only had the cash on hand right now you could put it to good use and get a great ROI. That’s where our Micro Funding Solution comes in to save the day! We offer same day or next day funding (depending on time of day you apply) in amounts from $2,500 to $25,000. What could you do with $25,000 today?

The process is a straighforward. You can go online using your phone and only take 90 seconds to fill in the form with some basic information.  Immediately you get an instant approval decision.  Don’t worry there are no hard credit inquiries to ding your FICO score.

Your offer comes with totally transparent terms which include offering you an industry leading early pay discount and the ability to draw more funds as you pay. 

Another huge benefit is your personalized account manager that we provide you that gladly works closely with you to make sure all of your questions and concerns are taken care of.


What Could You Do With $25,000 In Business Funding Today

Envision having customers that want to buy from you but you don’t have enough supply to support them because you’re low on cash.  Or you realize you could provide more products and services if you just had more space, however, right now you don’t have the capital to build and expand.

Maybe your equipment that you rely on so heavily to produce just broke down and you need it fixed ASAP but don’t have the funds and a bank is going to take 3-4 weeks to get you the money you need.  When you have no savings or friends and family to help, what do you do?  

Burlington Small Business Loans help Burlington business owners in these situations all the time.  We get business owners funded the same day or next day with our “Up To $25K Today loan product so they are back in business ASAP!


See if You Qualify For Our Burlington Small Business Funding Solution

While these Burlington small business funding solutions are not for “start up” businesses, the minimum requirement to be in business is only 6 months.  Just make sure you have a business checking account, have at least $5,000 in monthly revenue sales in EACH of the last three months.

We recognize many great business owners may not have the best of credit due to any number of circumstances.  That’s why we are set up to help business owners who have a 450+ credit score. 

There is no cost to apply. Do it right now and at least see how much you qualify for up to $25K.  Once you find out, you can decide if and when you want the funding and then later you can decide how to use the money in your business. We really made it simple and easy!

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You Can Depend On Burlington Small Business Loans Professionals

Our small business loans professionals are skilled experts. They will work hard to provide you with a high quality experience and a solution to get you the funding you need.


We are seriously dedicated to serving Local Business Owners! Our Up To $25K Today Funding Option is helping many Business Owners meet their immediate needs. The Business Capital Funding Services help businesses fuel their growth while lowering costs. Take 90 seconds to get a quote and find out how much you qualify for today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to always provide first class business capital services in Burlington and exceed our customers expectations.  You will find that we will work hard to get you not only the best funding offer available for your needs but to get you the funds quickly so you can put them to use to grow your business.

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