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Westwood Small Business Loans Services

Business Owners in the Westwood area love getting the funding they need from Burlington Small Business Loans to help their business survive and thrive.  Sometimes they need to buy extra inventory or upgrade their systems or invest in a promotional campaign.

Maybe they need funds when business isn’t as good as they know it will be and they just need to get through a tight pinch. Other times a business owner realizes that if they just had the funds to expand their store space or add extra seating to their restaurant they know they could double their sales revenue.  

Most business owners try to get a loan at their bank and 80% of the time get rejected due to low credit or the bank requires them to put up collateral or they cannot get the funds they need when they need them.  When you can get a business loan from a bank you should since you will get better financing rates.  

However, you may be part of the 80% who is discouraged because the application process is too intensive with too many forms to fill out. You don’t want to or have the collateral to put up to secure the loan. Maybe you don’t have good enough credit or it’s just going to take too long to get funded.

The exciting news is Westwood Small Business Loans Services has the funding solutions for business owners in Westwood! We value your cash flow more than your credit score. Also, we have a simple, fast, free, no obligation process to get you a fast quote from various lenders so you get the best offer.

Then you decide how to use the funds because no one knows your business better than you.


Fast Funding Solutions

What would you do with $25,000 if you obtained it today?  How would you use it to grow your business? When you can’t wait and you need funds today we can get you up to $25K today! That’s right, literally Up To $25K the same day.

When you apply, get approved and sign before 12 noon during our open business hours we can wire funds to your account that afternoon!  How’s that for simple, quick and easy funding?  

Looking for more than $25,000? We can help you get up to $2 million with our One Stop Best Offer for your business capital needs.  We are partnered with 100 Top Tier Lenders in the US because more lenders equals better offers for you, the business owner. 

Once you get the offer, you decide whether to accept it or not, you are in control. When accepted, you sign the PDF documents online and your funds are wired to you usually within 24-48 hours.


Our Typical Business Owner Client

We work solely with clients who have businesses that reside within the United States specifically.  We help banks by serving the 80% of small business owners that were denied a loan because they may not have had enough collateral to secure a loan or the 680+ credit score that banks usually require.

Our clients are Rockstar Business Owners because they know how hard they have to work day in and day out to do whatever it takes to make their business prosper.   We love helping clients whose businesses are generating stable revenues and can create more sales if they only had more working capital

By helping business owners in Westwood with funding we are helping them grow and become stronger which builds and serves their communities well.  We see this as having a lasting impact on the people in the local communities which drives our passion for helping more business owners.

Micro Funding and Business Capital Services



We partner with only the top rated, transparent, quick turnaround providers. Over $10 Billion funded so far.


Small Business Focus

Specializing in small businesses is our devotion. While you remain concentrated on your business we work hard to get you the funding you need.



Our team of experts will walk you through every step of the process giving you the excellent service you deserve.

Small Business Funding Solutions

Same Day - Next Day Funding For Business Owners

$2,500 to $25,000

The Micro Funding Solution

Micro Funding is one of the best Westwood small business funding solutions for Business Owners today. It’s great for when you need smaller amounts of funding to fund your business project needs.

Whether you need quick funds for more equipment or supplies or to use for an upcoming ad campaign, Westwood Small Business Funding Solutions has you covered.  You may need some funding to take advantage of an opportunity that you know will grow your business.

You know if you only had the cash on hand right now you could put it to good use and get a great ROI. That’s where our Micro Funding Solution comes in to save the day! We offer same day or next day funding (depending on time of day you apply) in amounts from $2,500 to $25,000. What could you do with $25,000 today?

The process is a not difficult. You can go online using your phone and only take 90 seconds to fill in the form with some basic information.  Immediately you get an instant approval decision.  Don’t worry there are no hard credit inquiries to ding your FICO score.

Your offer comes with completely transparent terms which include offering you an industry leading early pay discount and the capability to draw additional funds as you pay. 

Another huge benefit is your personalized account manager that we furnish you that gladly works closely with you to make sure all of your questions and concerns are met.


What Could You Do With $25,000 In Business Funding Today

Picture having customers that want to buy from you but you don’t have adequatee supply to support them because you’re low on cash.  Or you realize you could provide more products and services if you just had more space, however, right now you don’t have the cash to build and expand.

Maybe your equipment that you rely on so heavily to produce just broke down and you need it fixed ASAP but don’t have the funds and a bank is going to take 3-4 weeks to get you the money you need.  When you have no savings or friends and family to help, where do you turn?  

Burlington Small Business Loans help Westwood business owners in these situations all the time.  We get business owners funded the same day or next day with our “Up To $25K Today loan product so they are back in business {right away|without missing a beat|ASAP!


See if You Qualify For Our Westwood Small Business Funding Solution

While these Westwood small business funding solutions are not for “start up” businesses, the minimum requirement to be in business is only 6 months.  Just make sure you have a business checking account, have at least $5,000 in monthly revenue sales in EACH of the last three months.

We realize many great business owners may not have the best of credit due to any number of circumstances.  That’s why we are prepared to help business owners who have a 450+ credit score. 

There is no cost to apply. Do it today and at least see how much you qualify for up to $25K.  Once you see, you can decide if and when you want the funding and then later you can decide how to use the funds in your business. We really made it quick and easy!

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You Can Count On Burlington Small Business Loans Professionals

Our small business loans professionals are skilled experts. They will work hard to give you a high quality experience and a solution to get you the funding you need.

Business Capital Funding Options

One Stop Best Offer. Free Application. No Obligation.

Quick Access to $25K to $2 Million


The Challenge of Getting Funding

Burlington Small Business Loans will help fuel the growth of business owners who have businesses that reside in the United States.  We like to get you the funding that can be necessary to the survival of your business and help get your business to thrive. When you want to Get More Than $25K try one of our Westwood Business Capital Funding Options today.

The Small Business Administration states that two-thirds of small businesses will fail within their first 10 years in business.  When asked why, the business owners of over 82% of those failed businesses cited lack of business capital as the reason they did not stay in business. 

Most businesses turn to their local bank when they need funding but many times they get turned down due to low credit, not having any collateral or they just need funds faster than their bank can provide them.  If you can get a loan from a bank you should because you will get better rates but where do you go if you are turned down…your 401K?…your peers…your relatives? 

When the big banks say no, we like to say yes! One of our Westwood Business Capital Funding Options may be just the solution for you.


Why We Are Better

When the bank is not an option, and you need a small business loan or business capital fast, try one of the Westwood Business Capital Funding Options offered by Burlington Small Business Loans. Just like so many other Business Owners you will be happy you did.

Providing working capital faster than most banks and with less intensive requirements is something that sets us apart. We are partnered with 100 top tier transparent lenders because multiple lenders equal a one stop best offer for you.  

Our application process is a straightforward one-page form that gets you a quick decision on the best offers and usually funded within 24-48 hours.  We value your cash flow over your credit score, that’s revenue based capital. 

Typically our business capital fundings are up to 50% less expensive than a traditional business cash advance. Let us work with you to fund your expansion, new equipment needs, or just be there to help you when you find yourself in a tight pinch.


Need More Than $25,000?
See How Much You Qualify For

We have only a few minimum requirements that help us find you the best offer.  You only need to have been in business for four months with the business located within the United States and have a business checking account.  Show at least $10,000 in monthly revenue sales in EACH of the last three months.  We gladly work with business owners who have a 500+ credit score.  

If you meet these simple criteria you should apply for our Westwood Business Capital Funding Options and see how much you qualify for by APPLYING HERE. It is a quick quote form and one page application. Our team of experts review it and will reach out to you to talk about your specific business needs and concerns.  Be sure to ask them any specific questions. 

Once you return a few simple documents, our team contacts multiple lenders on your behalf to get you the best offer available.  We bring the offer(s) and terms to you to review and decide if you want to accept them or not. 

Once accepted, you just sign the PDF documents online, then the funds are usually wired to you within 24-48 hours.  We have really streamlined the process to make it quick, streamlined and fast for everyone.


What Are The Costs

Our pricing on our Westwood Business Capital Funding Options is simple and very clear.  We don’t speak in terms of rates because we found they are too confusing for most people to understand how the rate quoted translates into the APR.  What people really want to know is how much is it going to cost me to get this money.  That’s exactly how we address it with our clients.  

At the beginning you will be shown the tota “loan” advance plus the total cost. Most banks show you the rate but rarely the total cost of the capital.  We will show you how much you will receive and what the total payment will be.  You then decide if the benefits  outweigh the cost.  Additional information and examples can be found HERE.

You Can Count On Burlington Small Business Loans Professionals

Our small business loans professionals are skilled experts. They will work hard to bring you a high quality experience and a solution to get you the funding you need.

About Burlington Small Business Loans

Our company has been serving the Westwood community and surrounding region for many years. You will soon discover all about Burlington Small Business Loans and our commitment to excellence in customer service as we provide high quality business capital and loan funding services.

We have discovered the solutions on how to efficiently and effectively get business capital to business owners eager to grow their business.  Whether you need Up To $25K Today or More Than $25K we can get it to you fast and without any stress. Business Owners are hard working individuals who take pride in building their business in the Westwood community.  That is something they all share in common. 

However we realize each business owner has their own unique set of circumstances creating a need for our funding.  So our process involves listening to your particular circumstances and unique business needs in order to create for you the best funding option available at the best cost. The unique payment plans we offer relieves you from the unnecessary stress of any surprise obligations.

You will find our quality care team in customer support very helpful in answering any of your questions and will ensure you’re in the loop throughout the quick application and funding process. Our goal is to get you the micro funding and/or business working capital you need and do it quickly so you can put it to good use in growing your business.  This is one way we support the local businesses and the communities they serve. Learn more about us here.

Burlington Small Business Loans is a team of Independent Agents of David Allen Capital and Bank Breezy and this website should not be considered the official David Allen Capital corporate website nor the Bank Breezy corporate website.  We are not “loan brokers” or “loan agents”. 

As an Independent Agent of DAC and Bank Breezy, we promote DAC and Bank Breezy products and services referring potential clients to explore DAC and Bank Breezy Alternative Funding and Revenue Based Capital from our multiple lending partners.  

When clicking on a “Get Started” or “Get Quote” or “See How Much You Qualify For Now” button links you will be leaving the Burlington Small Business Loans website and redirected to the website and or website to fill in the quote form. This will automatically open in a new browser tab. 

All of the quote forms must only be filled out by the business owner requesting service and it will be submitted directly to David Allen Capital or Bank Breezy and/or their lending partners who will follow up with you directly. 



Why Choose Us

We are the leading trusted provider of business capital to local small business owners.  Our experts operate with high standards by doing all we can to serve business owners like yourself get the funding you need to make your business not only survive during hard times but expand, grow and thrive.

Leading Funding Provider

Whether you need $2,500 or $2million, we make quick decisions on approval, ask for no collateral, and are more affordable than a typical merchant cash advance.

Professional Process

Our Team of Experts will guide you every step of the way to make sure you get the best offer available and funded quickly.

Hassle Free, No Obligation Quotes

It costs you zero to get a best offer from one of our top providers. You decide if you want to accept or not, no pressure.

Our Clients Love Us

Clients keep returning to us because of our transparent terms, unique payment plans, early payoff discount savings, and other repeat customer benefits.

Burlington Small Business Loans
Believes In You


We believe successful businesses build stronger communities which helps everyone lead better productive and impactful lives.  Helping business owners in Westwood get the working capital they need to pay for expansion, new equipment, get much needed supplies or drive more promotions to survive and thrive gets us excited!

Business owners have more than enough to deal with in their daily business operation taking care of their customers.  They don’t need a funding process that becomes a burden. That’s why we created a way to make applying and getting a quote very simple.  Not only that it has minimal requirements, quick approvals and fast funding to your account.

We know that by taking care of our clients and providing them with excellent customer service, transparent terms, and easy payment plans they will seek additional funding opportunities with Burlington Small Business Loans and refer us to their business owner friends.

The best way to contact us to speak live is to take 90 seconds to fill out the simple quote form for Under $25K or Over $25K.  That way one of our expert customer service team members will contact you promptly to answer any of your questions and help you with your funding needs.  If you prefer to email please visit our Contact Us page and submit your questions there and someone will respond as soon as possible.

You Can Count On Burlington Small Business Loans Professionals

Our small business loans professionals are skilled experts. They will work hard to give you a high quality experience and a solution to get you the funding you need.

Our Service Area

We are thrilled to serve businesses in Westwood as well as many businesses in the surrounding area within a 50 mile radius. Once you inquire about our quick funding via the quote form, our professional team of experts will contact you quickly to guide you through the funding process.

Connect with us today to obtain a free, no obligation quote to see how much funding you can qualify for to help your business grow.  We also serve the surrounding cities: Pinecrest, Pleasant Hills, Woodcrest, Hillcrest, Lexington, Erlanger, Montclair, Country Club Estates, Kentwood, Colonial Heights


We are passionate about serving Local Business Owners! Our Up To $25K Today Funding Option is helping thousands of Business Owners meet their immediate needs. The Business Capital Funding Services help businesses fuel their growth while lowering costs. Take 45 seconds to get a quote and find out how much you qualify for today.

Our Mission

Our mission is to always provide first class working capital services in Westwood and exceed our customers expectations.  You will find that we will work diligently to get you not only the best funding offer available for your needs but to get you the funds quickly so you can put them to use to grow your business.

Contact Us

The VERY BEST & FASTEST Way to connect with us to have a live conversation is to fill out the short quote form Want $25K Today  Then a Specialist on our Team of Experts will quickly contact you.

Phone: (480) 331-1755

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